Pricing (Tariff) Conditions for 2015
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Pricing (Tariff) Conditions for 2016

The basic principles governing the pricing conditions of LPTrans for 2016 for the provision of rail freighting services on Russian domestic routes.

LPTrans aims to provide a comptitive market for the transportation of bulk cargoes — striving to provide its customers with competitive, reliable, punctual and modern logistics services which enhance food security in Russia, the company’s leading role in the global market — informs you of the basic principles governing the pricing conditions for 2016.

As part of a program of improved client-friendly pricing policy, LPTrans offers the best possible conditions of shipment for clients who are able to guarantee our company a stable volume of shipments.

LPTrans offers its clients a dynamic pricing scale of shipment tariffs, depending on the volumes of grain and similar goods being shipped.

In addition, LPTrans provides freighting services for export, import and transit shipments between Russia, the CIS countries, the Middle East, Finland and Mongolia. The pricing of shipments on international routes, along with shipments to Russian sea ports conforms to marker indicators for pricing policy on LPTrans’s Russian domestic routes.

For further information about the services and rules governing the pricing policies of LPTrans, please contact the staff of the Sales Department at the LPTrans office or at other branches of the company.